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P. Lekov

Interlude: The Logic of Facts


(Ching Tei-Fu’s face was flooded by the ligt or the lamp direted at him. He could only see the sharp beams of light and the dancing stars within them. The detective’s shouting echoed in his ears, his back ached and blood dripped from him. Sherlock Holmes, the famous London master detective, undressed to shirt sleeves, his face sweating, nervously paced the room. Meanwile, at regular intervals, he would walk to the end of the room, from where he would turn running and slap Ching Tei-Fu across the face with full strength. In these instances Ching would cry out. Dr. Watson was sitting behind the desk with the sleeves rolled up, with one hand stretching his trouser braces and holding a cigarette in the other. It was strong, French tobacco, the lamp light struggled almost in vain with the smoke. Dr Watson directed the following question to Ching Tei-Fu, „Will you talk, you scum?”

He only shook his head.

„Anyhow, you’re going to talk, if you live that long!”, shouted Sherlock Holmes at him at the top of his voice, as he whacked him in the back with the truncheon,

„You will confess, you filthy pig!”

He could have cried from agitation, as Ching Tei-Fu would not confess.)

P. Lekov: Közjáték: A tények logikája

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